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Endless Possibilities

Dreaming of and creating a piece of special needs furniture is a great joy. The process can be life-changing for everyone involved. From the inspired to the dreamers, to the makers, each adding a bit of themselves to the process brings unending satisfaction and love.


What is required to ensure that a child can move, be fully engaged, and be learning throughout the day?

Work / Study / Play

What type of furniture would afford the child developmental skills that could lead to meaningful employment? What type of variation is necessary to allow the child to contribute and achieve their highest potential in academia? What variation would ensure the child’s active play, exercise, and enjoyment?


Is there the ability of the piece for multiple positions of the child throughout the day? Do these positions offer the child participation in activities, adequate support, and sustained comfort?

Choose one of the categories below and see all the options we have. Want one of the pieces you see modified or Don’t see something you need, CONTACT us! We have skilled builders and would love to help.


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