We Make Personalized Items for Special Needs Kids

Improve the day-to-day life for your child

to help make these designs Possible

No Need To Surrender To A Life Of Limitations.

The endless search for unaffordable equipment that doesn’t fit your child’s needs is over.

We Know It’s Hard To Navigate A World Which Wasn’t Made With Your Kid In Mind.

That’s why Made4Me has worked with over 100 families like yours to create custom physical pieces kids love to use.

“Made4Me has been such a blessing to our family! We heard about this non-profit organization from a friend, so I decided to message them and give it a shot! Our daughter has many medical disabilities that interfere with her being able to use certain equipment. Her therapists prefer for her to be in good posture and 90-degree angles. With this custom chair we received from Made4Me, our daughter can now comfortably sit at the dinner table with us, and better yet, it transforms into a floor chair too!! Made4Me has made the impossible, possible for our daughter! I will forever be grateful and recommend them for any of your child’s needs!!”
Jessica, Mom

Just feeling thankful for Made4Me who constructed custom solutions out of industrial-strength cardboard to let Brooke continue to do things without our help. Not only are these lightweight to move around the house, but they were completely customized to her body with her physical therapy goals in mind. The best part of it is seeing how much of a difference things like stair height and railings can make to her washing hands without help or her being part of dinner prep at just the right height. Having a dressing bench at just the right height has also helped her say in her sassy way “go away mommy I am getting dressed”.😂What’s more: this is an awesome nonprofit in the Triangle area who said “yes” with no strings attached. They simply asked what she needed and made these items to specification – a true blessing as we navigate her outgrowing toddler step stools among other things. Give them a 👍and recommend them to anyone in the area who may need their help! – Lisa, Mom

How It Works

We offer this at No Cost to Special Needs Families!

Watch to see what some of our families have to say

You Just Changed Your Kid’s World!!!!

It’s no longer a world of limitations but one filled with possibilities!

We Make All Our Items Out Of Cardboard

Why Do We Use Cardboard

  • It’s Very Strong
  • It’s Very Lightweight
  • It’s Easy to Work With

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